A little logic and a lot of faith – My guide on how to cook.

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”                    – Julia Child. Pictured above at her husband’s family cabin in Maine

I wanted to create a little page to explain my next endeavor within this blog.  I’m going to start posting some family recipes handed down to me and some of my very own concoctions.   This project is centered around my grandmother, Frances Flood.  She was a very good cook.  All down home, no frills, hearty food meant to feed a large family on a not so large budget.  To start this project,  I needed to reach out to family members for copies of my nannies recipes.  As they started coming in, I realized a family resemblance. She and I seem to share a similar cooking style.

I enjoy cooking.  I don’t always follow an exact recipe, so when people ask me for it, it’s tricky to explain and even more so to write down.  And you’ll see as we go along and I post more recipes, this is what my nanny did sometimes.  Some of her recipes don’t even have instructions, just an ingredient list.

It’s a free-thinking way of cooking.  Use your senses.  Smell, feel, see and taste.  If it looks like the right consistency, it smells good, tastes good and extra points for looking good, you’ve done it.

4 thoughts on “A little logic and a lot of faith – My guide on how to cook.”

  1. Absolutely right. It a way, it’s a connection. I think most people look to have similar traits to family members they admire. It’s always such a compliment when someone says “you remind me of your grandmother.”


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